Wishes Embedded in the 7 Decorations

Tanzaku - Paper Cards

Academic progress and progress in calligraphy skills.
In early morning I dripped the dew from the leaves I gathered onto my inkstone and wrote a poem to wish for academic progress and better writing skills.

How to make a Tanzaku

Kamigoromo - Paper Kimonos

Healing, calamity and progress in sewing skills.
A clothing piece to protect oneself from illness or disaster. I was taught how to sew by my mother and my teachers. I made this wishing that my sewing skills will improve.

How to make a Kamigoromo

Orizuru - Paper Cranes

Family safety and longevity
I folded as many as the age of elder family members to wish for their longevity. Girls learning origami skills are taught how enjoy learning and teaching it to others.

How to make a Orizuru

Kinchaku - Paper Purses

Business prosperity
While making this to wish for business prosperity, I thought about saving and economizing. The tightening of the string is a warning not to waste money.

How to make a Kinchaku

Toami - Paper Fishnets

Fishing and harvest
These are also used as a good luck bringer. I wished for a good fishing harvest in the sea about Sendai.

How to make a Toami

Kuzukago - Paper Garbage Cans

Cleanliness and frugality
I gathered the paper leftovers from the seven Tanabata decorations and put them in the bin. I try not to waste things and to be clean and thrifty.

How to make a Kuzukago

Fukinagashi - Paper Windsock

The Weaver Girl’s yarn.
This decoration represents the Weaver Girls Yarn. It is shaped like an old weaving yarn. These decorations are embedded with the wish for improvement in weaving and art.

How to make a Fukinagashi

How to make traditional Sendai Tanabata decorations

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